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What We Should Be Telling Our Managers About The ADA, But May Not Be

  • 8 Feb 2023
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)
  • Dead Fish Grill 2207 Lake Rd Belton, TX


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Rodney Klein, EEO Trainer & Owner


Most organizations offer surprisingly little training on the ADA to their managers and supervisors.  On one level this makes sense.  After all, if you train managers on reasonable accommodations, then they may begin making accommodation decisions without consulting you, and that is a huge problem.  This makes the decision regarding what to tell our managers very confusing.  So, we often don’t tell them much of anything at all about the ADA.  The problem is that managers can often inadvertently make mistakes that cost employers big money, simply because they haven’t been adequately trained.  Managers don’t need to be experts in the entire law.  They just need to master parts of it. 

So, in this session we will discuss what managers should know about hiring, setting qualification standards, and managing employees with disabilities. We need our managers to feel more comfortable hiring and supervising people with disabilities, so we need to teach them what they need to know.

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn how the ADA looks at the pre-offer application process
  2. Understand the legal requirements for qualification standards
  3. Learn practical and legal tips for managing an employee with a disability


Rodney Klein has over sixteen years of experience as an EEO trainer and presenter as owner of Rodney Klein EEO Training and with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He is a recognized authority in federal EEO law and is a sought-after speaker and trainer across Texas. He regularly educates groups on workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation and Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also trains audiences on addressing workplace behavior, creating civil cultures, understanding and reducing microaggressions, and minimizing unconscious bias in decision making. He coaches organizational leaders on how to re-think EEO in ways that better equip them to navigate the challenges brought on by an ever-changing social landscape. Rodney believes that understanding EEO both legally and culturally is the key in creating productive, efficient and ultimately inspired workforces.


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